Jornada de escritura árabe

2 mayo 2023, 9:00 h - 13:00
9:00 a 10:00 Conferencia. Aula 1 / Museo Universidad de Navarra
11:00 a 13:00 Taller en la Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura UNAV
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Lecture: Arabic calligraphy: History, Development & Evolution + Workshop: Creating a Two-Letter Monogram in Arabic Calligraphy


El Museo Universidad de Navarra, en colaboración con el Grado de Diseño, organizan una jornada de escritura árabe en colaboración con la fundación Khawla Art & Culture. 

Los estudiantes de la Universidad de Navarra podrán participar de una jornada completa liderada por el artista y experto en caligrafía Wissam Shawkat en torno a la escritura y caligrafía árabe.


9:00 a 10:00 Aula 1 Museo Universidad de Navarra

Lecture: Arabic calligraphy: History, Development & Evolution
Ponente: Wissam Shawkat

Arabic calligraphy is one of the most important and distinctive forms of Islamic art and has a rich and varied history that spans over a thousand years. In this lecture, we will
explore the development of Arabic calligraphy, and the techniques and styles that have made it such a revered and enduring art form.

A lecture on the history and development of Arabic calligraphy that will explore the rich tradition of this art form and its evolution over time. It will begin with an overview of the origins of Arabic calligraphy, the lecture will explore the different styles of Arabic
calligraphy, and the various tools used to create them.

Throughout the lecture, images of calligraphic artwork from different periods and regions would be displayed to illustrate the rich history and beauty of this important art form arriving at images and works that shows the modern use of Arabic calligraphy in contemporary art, architecture, graphics, logo design, poster design and design projects.

11:00 a 13:00  Workshop Title: Creating a Two-Letter Monogram in Arabic Calligraphy
By: Wissam Shawkat
Duration: 2 hours

Objective: To introduce students to the principles of Arabic calligraphy and provide them with hands-on experience in creating a two-letter monogram.
The group of 60 students will be split into 2 Groups, 30 each.


  • Calligraphy pens (qalam) 1 for each student same size
  • Ink (Black Chinese or Japanese ink bottles)
  • Small pots for the ink for each student
  • Calligraphy paper (A3), could be matt or semigloss
  • Tracing paper
  • Rulers
  • Pencils (2 pencils for each student)
  • Black liner pens
  • Erasers
  • Printed worksheets with the Arabic alphabet and basic calligraphy styles.


Introduction: The instructor will introduce the concept of a two-letter monogram.

Demonstration: The instructor will demonstrate how to create a two-letter monogram in Arabic calligraphy, including the principles of composition and how to combine different calligraphy styles to create a unique design.

Guided Practice: Students will practice creating a two-letter monogram with the instructor & guidance. The instructor will provide printed worksheets with the Arabic alphabet and basic calligraphy styles, and students will practice writing the letters and experimenting with different styles and compositions.

Break (10 minutes): Short break to rest.

Independent Practice & Final design: Students will continue working on their two-letter monograms on their own. The instructor will circulate around the room to provide individual feedback and assistance. Students will choose their favorite design and transfer it onto cardstock or other heavy paper to create a final monogram.

Showcase and Discussion: Students will have the opportunity to showcase their final monograms and discuss their experience creating a two-letter monogram in Arabic calligraphy.


Wissam Shawkat (Basra - Iraq) is an Award-Winning Calligraphy artist and designer, specialized in letter forms. He was first introduced to Arabic calligraphy at theage of 10 by his primary school teacher Muhammad Ridha Suhail.

He is largely self-taught in the rigorous medium, attaining mastery through book research and visits to various masters, museum and library collections throughout the region. He has received numerous prizes for his calligraphy and has participated as both an artist and committee member at multiple editions of the Sharjah Calligraphy Biennial and the Dubai International Calligraphy Exhibition.

He is based in Dubai, where he is engaged full-time as an artist, designer and Arabic typographer. His contemporary abstract style, that he pioneered which is referred to as Calligraforms, focuses on the magnified precise forms of the letters but also the abstract shapes generated by examining the geometric spaces inside and outside of their structures.


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2 de mayo de 2023



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