Campus Creativo (Creative Campus) became back in 2016 a space within the museum. Since 2019, its team works with the campus students in different areas. It offers permanent interdisciplinary training in performative arts (orchestra, choir and theatre), the program Talento Creativo -inspired on American sports programs-, the program HUB Creativo that introduces creativity methodologies and team work through art, as well as workshops that allow the contact of the students with the artists & the collection. It provides not only training but also the application of art and creativity in different projects promoted either by the students or by the museum.

Campus Creativo started as a cultural activities service. It evolved in the last three years into a more multifaceted initiative inside the Museum. Its working way was born to cover the need to bring students closer to creativity and art in the Museum, to involve them in artistic processes and experiences.

It attracts students to the collections and activities while offering the students a place where art and creativity are available, supporting and provide tools for personal development.

The program offered under Campus Creativo, its working way and approach, have proven to work an efficient “transference”. Art and its multifaceted tools have proven to be extremely useful and enriching to them. They feel confident working with the museum and the artists, as well as using the learnt concepts to propose new initiatives.

They have absorbed concepts such as creativity and embodied them into their own lives. We have many students’ testimonials about how enriching the experience has been, how art and artistic disciplines –writing, theatre, music…- have allowed them to overcome some of their fears.

Educating new generations in art, creativity, their tools and values is a way of working on social development, and on the public of the future.

EXCELLENCE - Developping contacts with professionals

The Museum, its collection and its development strategy, as well as its Theatre are the roots for the activity of the area. Through Campus Creativo, the students meet active contemporary artists, work with them, receive their training in different disciplines and develop common projects in a real and professional environment.

The projects are linked to the museum and its program of activities, as well as to the collection. The students are enriched by the experience as well as by the discipline, seriousness and generosity of the artists themselves experiencing working in a real environment. It means an approach to art, the professional artistic disciplines, values and work.

FLUIDS NAVARRA - collaboration with Artists

28 MARCH, 2019

Alln Kaprow back in 1967 actively promoted the "happening" concept: An artistic performance, generally ephemeral and multidisciplinary, where the public had an active part. In March 2019 the students in the Campus, revisited the initiative in collaboration with the artist Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle.


MUJERES DE LOT - Collaboration with artists

16 NOVEMBER, 2020

 The second "happening" took part in november, thanks to the artist Javier Viver. His proposal included a workshop in ephemeral sculpture where the students worked together with the artist in building statues of Edith. The project was conceived from the Biblical passage of Lot's wife.



Whether it is dance, theatre, photography, painture, music or soft skills through art, the students enjoy the opportunity of learning with the accompaniment of the artists. Their creative processes, their knowledge and professional guide. Collaborations on the scene or at the backstage, life experiences.




Campus Creativo is a bridge Museum-Students. The program approaches innovation and creativity by linking the artists with the students, but also by adapting methodologies linked to innovation, creativity and art to different innitiatives.

Through the program HUB Creativo, students work in small teams using interdisciplinary creative methodologies to innovate in their own areas of study. Additionally, creativity and its application on fine formulated projects allow the transfer from creativity and art models to real professional and personal development.



Students from different schools and faculties will collaborate, under the mentorship of two artists working at the ICS, in a unique creative project selected by the team. Artistic research and tools applied to a real project. Methodologies based on creative talent development are also involved in the journey.



MARCH, 2021

 A 3 day online event proposed by the students, and sponsored by Campus Creativo. Three days of conferences, workshops, performances and concerts cellebrated online, to share worries and solutions around how creativity can contribute to leadership and problem solving skills  


CREATIVIDAD PARA NO CREATIVOS - Creativity for non-creative characters


 Can creativity be trained? A group of students, mentored by experts share their impressions and a wide variety of tools to practice this concern... to train creativity and learn tools to improve this human beings' basic gift



This model addresses the student’s immersion in art and artistic development from many different approaches. As we have seen before, Campus Creativo brings the student closer to the real source of art, the artists, in a professional and real environment; empowers their own initiative by proposing projects carried out by the students themselves or supporting projects proposed by them, using art and creativity as a working tool.

Finally, the program Talento Artístico enables academic advantages by alleviating their workload, and offers a stable and ongoing training on artistic disciplines linked to music and theatre. In this frame, the students also enjoy the opportunity of collaborating with professional artists in their performances.

All of these working lines are always based on the rigour and the know-how of a real and reputed museum. These facts and needs are actual and present in any university museum.


Directed by Borja Quintas and formed by students from more than ten centers of the University, the Symphony Orchestra University of Navarra is part of the program TALENTO ARTÍSTICO. It comes on stage with professional singers and players at least once a year, and offers minimum two public concerts per year. 



Formed entirely by students, professors and professionals from the University of Navarra up to 30 years it participates intensely in the cultural activity of the campus. The rehearsal work with the director Ekhi Ocaña is completed with the vocal technique classes given by the soprano Marta Huarte.

They enjoy the opportunity of singing on stage with professional singers. 



Working together with the student's theatre groups, Campus Creativo offers professional training with basic tools to perform on stage. Year after year the groups increase their presence as well as their number of participants.

The groups also collaborate in the Theatre Fortnite celebrated in the city. 


DE ARTES ESCÉNICAS - Performing Arts Production Program

Working together with the Communications Faculty, the program seeks to provide content and tools that prepare students to perform responsibility roles and global vision in the arts on the stage. Management, planning, creative decision-making as well as adequate dissemination and marketing are also present in this program.