El legado de María Josefa Huarte

The bequest of Maria Josefa Huarte

Maria Josefa shared great admiration for contemporary art with her family. A regular visitor to museums and art galleries, throughout the years she gathered together an important collection of prestigious artists from her time,  as well as other emerging artists with whom she was associated through her family environment.

Thus, the Huarte bequest is comprised of about five hundred pictorial and sculptural works, many of them high quality ones. Among the names that appear in this collection, we find some of the most international Spanish artists of the second half of the 20th century, as well as foreign authors, whose works are extensively recognised by critics. In all, 18 artists, such as Pablo Picasso, Vasili Kandinsky, Mark Rothko or Eduardo Chillida, three of whom, Pablo Palazuelo, Jorge Oteiza and Antoni Tàpies, are represented with a considerable number of works.

The photography collection

The former Photographic Collection of the University of Navarre has been added to this collection.  The former was started in 1981 after receiving the bequest of Jose Ortiz-Echagüe, one of Spain's major photographers of the 20th century. As a result of this first donation, the University has gradually gathered different collections and legacies that make up the Collection, inaugurated in 1990.

This has increased over the years until there are now 14,000 photographs and 100,000 negatives from the 19th century to date, which includes contemporary artists (Joan Fontcuberta, Lynne Cohen, Roland Fisher, or Javier Vallhonrat), other relevant artists from the history of 19th century photography (the Viscount of Vigier, Alphonse de Launay, Gustave Beaucorps, Jean Laurent or José Martínez Sánchez), representatives of the ‘new photography' of the 20th century (Pere Català Pic or Josep Renau), or photo-journalists (such as Robert Capa, Agustí Centelles or Henri Cartier-Bresson).

The photographs from the bequest of Jose Ortiz-Echagüe include all the thematic groups developed by the photographer during his fruitful career: his first photographs taken in North Africa, and the series that make up his four main books: España, tipos y trajes – (Spain, characters and outfits) (1929), España, pueblos y paisajes (Spain, people and landscape (1939), España Mística (Mystical Spain) (1943) and España, castillos y alcázares (Spain, castles and palaces) (1956), as well as the group of family pictures.

The collections of Victor Mendez Pascual and Robert Hershkowitz were later added to this initial bequest, containing an especially valuable series of photographs from the 19th century. A more recent addition is Juan Naranjo's collection, richer in contemporary pieces.