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Annual report
January 2015 / January 2016

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(14.327) had connections to the
University of Navarra campus: students,
professors and employees.

84 %

(75.214) came from Pamplona,
other autonomous communities
or other countries.


*A visitor analysis system was implemented in 2016,
so future statistics should provide greater detail on visitor origin.





10.892 visitors
Took one of the free guided tours provided daily by the Museum's area of Education

Free tours for the general public

Free tours for specific groups

34 students
from different University of Navarra schools worked with the guided tour service.

Of these visitors, 10,982 took one of the free guided tours provided daily by the Museum's area of Education.

Thirty-four students from different University of Navarra schools, mostly students of Architecture, History and the Humanities, worked with the guided tour service.





Exhibitions of the Collection
1. The Collection of María Josefa Huarte: Abstraction and Modernity (currently on display)
2. North Africa, José Ortiz-Echagüe (January - March, 2015)
3. The World on its Head: The Calotype in Spain (January - March, 2015)

Guest Artists - Temporary Exhibitions:
4. The Third Place, Carlos Irijalba (January - July, 2015)
5. The Black Forest, Íñigo Manglano-Ovalle (currently on display)

New Exhibitions - Temporary
6. Interacciones, Javier Vallhonrat (May - October, 2015)
7. Nitrato, Xavier Ribas (currently on display)
8. Man Jayen, Cristina de Middel (currently on display)


The Museum University of Navarra has 14 rooms with nearly 3,000 square meters of exhibition space.

The Collection of María Josefa Huarte: Abstraction and Modernity is on display in four rooms on the ground floor; The Black Forest by Íñigo Manglano-Ovalle is on display in a single 500-square-meter room with 11-meter ceilings, also on the ground floor. Catalan artist Xavier Ribas's Nitrato, which explores the extraction and use of nitrate, occupies the entire first basement floor. Since November 2015, the tower has held Cristina de Middel's piece Man Jayen. These last two exhibitions are on display until March.

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Every artistic creation is accompanied by an academic publication. The Museum now boasts a collection of 26 published books. Since September 2015, these books have been distributed and sold domestically and across the globe in collaboration with Trama Editorial. The Museum's books are available at numerous points of sale throughout Navarre and Northern Spain. They can also be found in specialized bookstores across Spain, in museums and bookstores in most European countries, in some Latin American countries (especially Mexico, Colombia and Argentina) and in the United States. They can also be purchased through the Museum website and Amazon Spain, Italy, Germany and France, so far. This helps contribute to the dissemination of art research.

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The shows performed at the Museum Theater were attended by 9,138 people.

The shows performed at the Museum Theater were attended by 9,138 people. Although the theater was the principal venue for these performances, groups of performing artists have also used the exhibition rooms and other spaces of the building, such as the terrace and main hall. These included the Trisha Brown Dance Company and the Liuka Cid Theatrical Company for Classics in the Museum. Events included a performance by Javier Martín and concerts by Musicae Artis.



Number of visitors: 9,138

Scheduled events include: 13
January 22 - 23: Performance by the Spanish National Dance Company
January 29 - 31: Coda en movimiento dance series curated by Roger de Salas.
February 20: Control, dance performance by Javier Martín.
March 4 - 7: Cartografías de la música series, featuring Joaquín Achúcarro, among others
March 26: Musicae Artis presents sacred music in the rooms of the Museum
April 17 - 18: Performance by the Trisha Brown Dance Company
May 8: Suite Española, featuring Rocío Márquez and Rosa Torres-Pardo
September 18 - 19: Oximórica by choreographer Javier Martín
September 25: La Gitanilla, by the Carmen Cortés Flamenco Dance Company
October 15: Siempre/Todavía: Una ópera sin voces by Alfredo Aracil and Alberto Corazón
November 6 - 14: Museum Classics by the Liuba Cid Theatrical Company, featuring dramatic readings and selections from performances of texts from the Spanish Golden Age in the Museum's exhibition rooms.
November 20: Adán y Eva en Broadway by Jana Productions
November 27: The Writings of Teresa de Ávila, featuring Julia Gutiérrez Caba






This area plans lectures, seminars and workshops with artists in keeping with all other activities open to the public.

Seminar: El mecenazgo de los Huarte, February 2, March 9, April 20 and May 11

A Critical Eye on the Collection: Fernando Castro Flórez, February 10

International Conference of University Museums, February 27

A Critical Eye on the Collection: Elena Vozmediano, March 16

The Calotype in Spain, March 18

Workshop with artists: Marti Llorens, March 24 - 25

A Critical Eye on the Collection: Tania Pardo, April 28

Espacios pirenaicos de arte contemporáneo, June 18

Workshop: Generación de proyectos fotográficos Javier Vallhonrat, September 11

Workshop in La Maladeta with Javier Vallhonrat, September 25 - 27

A talk with Tania Pardo, November 4

Lecture by Daniel Pitarch: McLaren and the Tradition of Experimental Animation, November 13

A talk with María Fernández Sabau, November 17






10 film series

Over 80 films

Last season's and this season's programs include several specialized film series. The idea is to schedule series that complement the exhibitions. These films aim to explore artistic cinema and new audiovisual techniques in animation.

The Lumière Series: the First Movies Filmed in Spain, Las coordenadas de Oteiza en el cine and X Films: the Film Culture in Navarre were held the first half of 2015. After the summer, another six series were planned; all of which were related to the Museum's exhibitions and performances: Films to accompany Javier Vallhonrat's Interacciones; Pioneros de la animación experimental; films to accompany the musical workshop; films to accompany the Xavier Ribas exhibition; Maestros de la fotografía en el cine: ¿Qué nos dice la luz? and Estreno en Pamplona. Finally, three movies were screened for the Family Films series at Christmastime.






Family workshops: four different workshops offered on Saturdays and Sundays

Number of family workshop attendees: 374

Total attendees at first annual Hi, Artist! summer camps: 99

One Enjoying Christmas! holiday camp

Ten different student programs adapted to each stage and age group

Total number of schools participating: 58 / Total student attendees: 1,854

Collaborating student volunteers: 107

Kiddie Museum satellite program in preschools: pilot program launched in four preschools






The Museum University of Navarra prides itself on its teaching and being a center for interdisciplinary studies in several subject areas among the centers on the University campus.

Second class to receive the Diploma in Curatorial Studies: 42 students

The subject, Contemporary Art through the Collections of the Museum University of Navarra, taught by Professor Javier Ortiz Echagüe, who also curates the Museum's Bridge Building artistic creation program.

Five student participation programs, each worth 1 ECTS credit: cinema, performing arts, guided tours, exhibitions and education.

One doctoral dissertation completed through the Doctoral Degree in Applied Creativity: Form As a Story: Visions and Strategies in Modern Architecture.

Two Master's Thesis Projects on the Museum.







Since its opening, the museum has become a suitable place for the organization of other non-artistic activities and academic events, conferences, business meetings, conventions, etc. Renting some specific areas of the building such as the theater, classrooms and workshops, among others, we have allowed 317 events.

Venue hire









The Museum University of Navarra's media impact thus far includes nearly 800 mentions in print, digital and broadcast media. Over a dozen international outlets have mentioned the Museum, including The Economist, The Guardian and the BBC in the United Kingdom, Fortune and The Art Newspaper in the United States, Jornal de Noticias in Portugal and Beaux Arts Magazine and Parcours des Arts in France.