It is important that the final paper follows the guidelines and template attached. Final papers should be submitted online through the OJS platform, logging in with the same user and password used when submitting the abstract. The final submission should include the .DOCX file (maximum 4,000 words) and also the photographs, individually and at full resolution (maximum 7) .

The final document should be uploaded to the platform no late3r than September the 1st, 2016. We highly encourage you to send it at least two weeks in advance, just in case the committee suggests some small modifications. If the paper is not uploaded and correct by the deadline, we can't assure its inclusion in the 'Conference Proceedings'.

Additionally, in order to be included in the proceedings, the properly formalized registration through the website is a must. The registration fee you have to select is the one for 'paper authors'. Once the final version of all the papers is received, the Scientific Committee will review the texts again and select some of them for public presentation during the Conference (November 2nd-4th) at the Museum of the University of Navarra.

Online platform for submitting the final paper

Templates for the final paper